The planetary climate changes whose effects can be felt across the globe have made many people more conscious about protecting the environment. Today, many states including our very own Massachusetts have enacted stringent environmental protection laws that cover the manufacturing, waste management, and disposal as well as waste recycling industry.

As it is, the biggest threat to our climate is the improper disposal of non-biodegradable materials such as electronic waste – which sadly make up for the biggest percentage of non-biodegradable materials in landfills and dumping sites nationally.

To understand the full scope of the problem, you just have to look at your home today and visit your nearest electronics store afterwards… You will quickly notice that the electronic products that may have seemed as cutting-edge yesterday will have been overtaken by other new and improved innovations that make your current products obsolete.

f you are like me who loves maintaining a modern, state-of-the-art home, you will likely buy the new and improved products to replace the old and obsolete ones. The big question is… What do you do with the old electronic appliances/products in your home?

There are several key things that you should keep in mind before answering this question…

  1. Massachusetts has stringent laws on the disposal of electronic waste
  2. There are different State and Local laws governing how electronic waste should be collected and disposed – and who should be responsible for the collection and disposal process

Just because we are talking about throwing away the electronic items that you do not need, it does not mean that you have to dispose the electronics that you do not need. If you are conscious about protecting the environment there are other avenues that you can explore including:

• Giving away the electronics you are not using to charity/charitable causes
• Gifting old electronics to those you care about
• Trading in old electronic products for newer and improved versions at approved dealerships
• Recycling components from your electronics (Do not attempt to disassemble electronic products without the help of a trained professional if you do not have the requisite knowhow)

Given the many implications (local, state, federal and global) that arise from the disposal and recycling of e-waste, we recommend that you let the disposal of your e-waste in Massachusetts be handled by skilled and experienced waste removal experts who are abreast of all waste disposal regulations like our team at Junk Removal Inc.

Our family-owned company has been offering residents and commercial building owners in the MetroWest Boston Area and the entire State of Massachusetts with legally-compliant, reliable and affordable e-waste disposal services for the better part of a decade. We take extreme care during the collection and disposal of e-waste and construction waste to ensure that there is no risk of damage to the surrounding ecology or environment.

Some of the electronic products that we can help you safely dispose and/or recycle include (but are not limited to):

• Computers
• Televisions (both old and new)
• Printers
• Fax Machines
• VCR Machines
• Stereo Systems
• DVD Players
• Old Cords
• Wires

Protecting earth’s climate and taking care of the environment is a shared responsibility that starts with YOU. By acquiring our e-waste management services, you will be taking responsibility for your surroundings. With us, not only will you ensure that you and/or your business stays compliant with the all the waste disposal and management laws in Massachusetts, you will also be wearing a new badge – I AM FOR ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION.

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