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Getting rid of junk is easier said than done. Some people can get attached to some of their belongings, making it harder for them to let such things go even if they no longer need them. In other cases, the junk in question may be bulky or oddly shaped, making it harder carry and/or load them up onto a car or truck and get rid of them on your own.

That’s where we come in. As seasoned residential junk removal specialists in Framingham, MA, A family-owned and operated company, Junk Removal Inc. focuses on providing professional services to all customers across Massachusetts. The team at Junk Removal Inc. can help you get rid of all sorts of residential junk including above-ground pools, playsets, and trampolines, among others.

Our team of junk removal specialists has the skills and equipment needed to take apart and load up these heavy and abnormally shaped items onto our junk hauling trucks. This way, you will not need to struggle with such demanding jobs on your own, risking all sorts of accidents that can result in serious body injuries or property damage.

Our professional junk removal services focus on the removal and disposal of all non-hazardous junk. To ensure that we don’t clear the junk from one area, only to end up dumping at another area – creating an environmental problem in the process – we provide eco-friendly junk removal services. Simply put, our team will sort your commercial, residential and/or light demolition junk to ensure eco-friendly disposal. As such, you can be sure that anything that can be recycled or donated will be separated from the junk that is destined for the landfill.

Are you looking to get rid of any sort of residential junk in and around your property? Junk Removal Inc. provides affordable and professional junk removal services across the Framingham, MA area. We have what it takes to remove and haul any type of junk from your property, no matter how heavy or big it might seem.

After removing the junk, our team of junk disposal professionals will sort the junk, recycling some items before getting rid of the rest. In addition to disposing of the junk in an eco-friendly manner, we also donate some items, like furniture, to the needy.