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Are you looking to move a refrigerator to the garage or basement or furniture to another part of your home? Are you looking to stow your lawn and/or patio away for winter? Are you conducting renovations in your home? We’ll remove and house your furniture as your floors are redone. We take out all the furniture and very carefully return it when the floors are dry.

Junk Removal Inc. is your go-to moving company for Small Moves services. This bespoke service is designed to help our customers move and arrange items in their homes or move items to storage. Our professional crew works with you to carefully pack the items in question and move them to their intended location. We understand that everything in your household is valuable, and we take utmost care while moving items within your property. In a nutshell, we are ideally suited to offer you Rearranging & Organizing services under our Local Moves services.

Specialized Local Moves That Meet Your Needs

We’ve optimized our local moves services to cater to the needs of a wide variety of homeowners. For instance, we’ll gladly help you move one piece or several items within your house. We can also carry small items locally. For example, you can contact our crew of specialist movers to transport treasured family items to your kid’s new apartment, a friend’s house, or a relative’s house across town. Have you just sold a lovely piece of furniture, and the buyer needs it delivered? You can trust us to accommodate the small-scale local moves that other movers do not offer.

Helping Seniors With Local Moves

We also specialize in helping seniors downsize as they move to a smaller condo or an independent or assisted living facility. We have built relationships with several independent and assisted living homes in the MetroWest area.

We’ve accrued extensive experience in meeting the needs of seniors during local moves. We know seniors can have a tough time moving locations or changing their living conditions. Our team is trained to help seniors allay their confusion and be sensitive to their emotions. Not only are we remarkably patient, but we’ve trained our moving crew to be understanding of our customer’s hesitations and fears.

Our goal is to make a move as easy as possible. Most importantly, we go above and beyond to care for customers. As part of our client-centric approach to service delivery, we treat all of our clients like one of our own. We are a hard-working labor force that will always make time to help you with your small move needs.

Why Choose Junk Removal Inc. For Your Local Moves Needs

Cost-Effective – Our company has low overheads. We do not run a fleet of moving trucks or pay insurance for massive warehousing and storage facilities. We are a licensed and insured moving company run by a crew of 3 personnel. Importantly, we transfer the benefits of low overheads to our customers by offering impeccable services at competitive prices.

We Take All Local Moves Jobs You Might Have – As an extension of low overhead costs, we can take every job available. Many movers have a minimum threshold, as smaller jobs will be highly unprofitable. However, Junk Removal Inc. does offer local moves and rearranging and organizing jobs.