A National Cleaning Survey by the American Cleaning Institute (ACI) states that over 77% of householders in the U.S. are planning to tidy up their homes this spring. As the weather warms up, many homeowners in Massachusetts will begin to make progress on their spring cleaning projects.

As you start to clear out the junk and fill garbage bags in the coming weeks, you may wonder how to dispose of the collected junk. This article provides information on junk removal tips for spring cleaning your home.

Start With The Kitchen

There are many places in your home that need to be thoroughly cleaned this spring. The kitchen is an often-overlooked space in many Massachusetts homes. Deep cleaning the kitchen is part of an effective spring cleaning program. Make sure you deep clean the kitchen by clearing out all the expired food from the cupboards. Clear out the refrigerator, clean the oven, countertops, sink, and disinfect the trash can to complete the kitchen cleaning program. You can easily recycle metal food cans, aluminum foil, pans, and other clean metals. Rinse out the food cans before you toss them in a recycle bin. On the other hand, glass bottles and containers can also be recycled.

Put A Focus On Your Main Living Areas

The living space and bedrooms are the other essential spaces in your home that should be spring cleaned. Remove any items in the living room and bedrooms that you no longer use. Next, do a thorough sweep of these spaces for unwanted clutter. Once you collect the unwanted items and clutter from these spaces, you should consider disposing of the items in an eco-friendly manner. Junk Removal Inc. is your trusted partner in Massachusetts to dispose of such items. We accept gently used furniture and household items.

Don’t forget to wipe down the windows, scrub down the baseboards, and dust the ceiling fans after deep cleaning the living room and bedrooms. Now you can open the windows and let in some fresh air to these spaces.

Garage, Basement, and Storage Spaces

The garage, basement, and storage spaces are the other areas that require deep cleaning this spring. Clear out all the unwanted items from the garage, storage room, and basement. You may opt to donate or recycle most of the old items that you find in these areas.

Back Yard Cleaning

The yard is the final space in your Massachusetts home that requires spring cleaning. Now that snow is almost gone for good, you may notice the pile of debris accumulated in the yard. You can use tree stumps, wood, grass clippings, soil, sod, dirt, and other materials in the yard to prepare compost, which can be done through your local municipality. Do the maintenance check for the gas grill if you have one, and check the propane tank to make sure it is full for summer.

Contact Junk Removal Inc To Help You Rid Of All Your Unwanted Junk

Ridding your home of all the junk collected from the spring cleaning program should be done in a stress-free and professional manner. You don’t have to worry about a thing. The team at Junk Removal Inc. will make sure your project is accomplished safely and efficiently.