Everyone knows that moving can be a pain and struggle, especially if certain parts of the moving process are not properly executed. This is why we recommend contacting a Professional Moving Service to handle the packing and loading of your belongings for a move. One of the steps with moving that can help if done properly is loading the moving truck after everything is packed away safely. You will want to have the necessary moving supplies handy so that you are fully prepared. When loading, be sure to keep in mind of placing items in an “I” formation, using tie downs so nothing slides during transport and to evenly distribute your belongings. Below is a break down of how each type of item should be packed.

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  • Valuables & Papers – When it comes to these items it is always a good idea to keep small and valuable items and papers with you in the cab of the moving truck or in your personal vehicle. That way you can have quick and easy access to them.
  • Heavy Objects – Start loading your truck with heavy objects such as refrigerators or washers as close to the cab as possible. This is also the top of the “I” formation.
  • Desks & Medium Sized Objects – If you have medium-sized objects such as desks or dining room tables then you can place them in the middle of the truck with boxes going underneath them.
  • Mattress & Box Springs – These items can be placed on the left empty space that is created with the use of the “I” formation loading method.
  • Couches – Couches and sofas can be placed on the right side empty space of the “I” formation for loading a moving truck.
  • Heavy Boxes – With boxes, make sure the heaviest boxes are on the bottom of any pile and place them in the middle of the back of the truck. This will be closest to the door in the back of the truck and will complete your “I” formation.
  • Light Boxes – Light boxes can be placed on top of the heavy boxes, as well as behind or around them to further complete the formation and loading of your truck.

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