Hoarding disorder is on the rise


Hoarding disorder is on the rise

Over the last generation, the number of people with hoarding disorder has drastically increased. Here is the problem; they LOVE their stuff. People with hoarding disorder form strong attachments toward items such as newspapers, junk mail, old clothes, and receipts. What starts as something trivial and insignificant quickly gets out of hand. These individuals become riddled with the feeling of shame, guilt, and embarrassment, all while knowing deep down that they have a problem. We can all agree that acknowledging an issue does not make asking for help easy. Individuals with hoarding disorder will feel that avoiding the issue is a safer option allowing the problem to grow for decades.

Many factors can lead a person down the path of hoarding. One worth mentioning is how much longer our population is living. The International OCD Foundation states, “Hoarding symptoms appear to be almost three times more common in older adults (ages 55-94 years) compared to younger adults (ages 34-44)”. With age comes less social interaction, loneliness, and isolation, all leading to depression which can coincide with hoarding.

Hoarding is a complicated problem with devastating effects which will never go away without professional help. People with hoarding symptoms need counseling and support from family members. Please remember that the road to recovery is not easy to travel. Patience and love are a must. The symptoms of hoarding disorder can turn a person’s living space into an unusable and untravellable dwelling. Here is where we come in. At Junk Removal Inc we have many years of experience emptying hoarded properties.

First, we do a safety check. We do a walkthrough to ensure there are no tripping hazards, broken stairs, or structural damage. Excessive amounts of newspapers, magazines, and books can cause floors, walls, and ceilings to become a deadly hazard – this must be taken very seriously. The next step is to come up with a plan. The most common method of attack is to go room by room. Clearing out one room at a time allows us to create more workspaces as we advance throughout the property.

What causes us to stand out among the competition is our understanding of how important patience is throughout the process. We take the time to sort through the clutter setting aside items that may hold monetary or sentimental value. We work closely with families, lawyers, administrators, the town, and even the courts. Each situation is different, so we come prepared to make adjustments as needed.

Our job is to clear the property and ensure the site is safe. Once we’ve done our job, your job, as the loved one, begins. Your loved one, friend, or neighbor must continue counseling and therapy. If not, the symptoms will return.